Guidelines for Paper Authors and Presenters

If you have been accepted or invited to present a paper at the IFLA World Library and Information Congress (WLIC) these guidelines are for you.

All papers should reflect in some way the conference theme: “Let’s work, Let’s Library; Building a sustainable future through the SDGs

Submitting your paper

Deadline for submission of congress papers: 20 July 2023 (to ensure availability in the IFLA repository before the Congress.)

Please submit your paper using the template below to the coordinator of your session:

  • Template for formatting your paper – open sessions [DOC]
  • Template for formatting your paper – satellite meetings [DOC]
  • Submit your completed paper to your session coordinator by the date given by them. Early submission is encouraged so that your paper can be checked, made available online and translated by the groups of volunteer translators.
  • The session coordinator may also request some personal information by which the Session Chair can introduce you.
  • Session coordinators: after completed papers have been thoroughly verified that they meet the WLIC paper template requirements, please send final versions to

Please ensure you complete the author permission form as soon as you can, with the accurate title of your paper. Please note that IFLA cannot publish your paper in the IFLA repository without your advanced permission.

Preparing your presentation

Please check the following guidelines for speakers:

  • Speaker Guidelines [PDF]
    this paper can be printed and gives you important information for preparing your presentation and uploading it at the WLIC venue.
  • WLIC logos, you have the option of using these if you would like.

Attendance at WLIC

  • Please be sure to upload your presentation in the “Speaker Preview Room” at Ahoy Conference Centre in Rotterdam no later than 2 hour before your session.
    It is not possible to bring the presentation to the room and use it from a usb stick or from an online location.
  • All speakers should register to attend the Congress through the normal WLIC registration channel and are expected to cover their own costs for attending the conference. Limited funds may be available to cover the day registration fees (but not other expenses) of speakers from other disciplines who would not normally attend the IFLA Congress. Contact your session coordinator to find out more.
  • A special invitation letter can be issued to author(s)/presenter(s) of accepted papers if needed.
  • IFLA cannot pay any travel or accommodation costs of attending the Congress, however, a number of Conference Participation Grants are available.
  • Please see the WLIC pages for further details of the programme, region, travel, accommodation options and tours.

Translation and interpretation

Many WLIC papers are translated by volunteers to make information and presentations accessible to a wider audience. If you have been informed by your session coordinator that the session in which you will present will have Simultaneous Interpretation (SI) then it is important that you make your paper available as much in advance as possible and align your presentation with the contents of the paper as much as possible. This means that the interpreters can prepare their interpretation in advance which will give a better result to the live interpretation on the day.

Session coordinators

After completed translations have been thoroughly verified that they meet the WLIC paper template requirements, please send final versions to The speaker guidelines listed above will give you guidance on how to present your paper.

Other information

Please contact the Section that sponsors your session for more information or assistance.