Poster Sessions

There are two sessions scheduled for poster presentations, each session is two hours long: 12:00 to 14:00 on Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 August 2023.

Presenters of a poster will be expected to be present on Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 August 2023 in order to explain their poster and to hand out any leaflets, or other information materials, they have available for viewers of their poster. Each presenter can therefore only present one poster.

Note for presenters:

All posters will be made available online on the conference digital platform for audience voting (for both, onsite and online participants). We will invite all conference participants, to vote for the best poster of “People’s Choice Poster 2023”.

Therefore, each presenter is expected to send a .pdf file of its own Poster with the final Abstract (200 words) by 28 July to:

The winner of the “People’s Choice Poster 2023” will be announced during the Closing Session on Thursday 24 August 2023 and will receive a certificate of recognition. Please complete the online Authors’ permission form as publication of this material can not proceed until this form is submitted.

After the conference your Poster & Abstract will be transferred & published in the IFLA Repository:


Please read the Instructions for Accepted Posters or contact:

List of accepted Poster Presentations:


Poster Board Number




1. Open science infrastructures – Support from the University of Paris Nanterre (UPN) Academic and research libraries [1] Cecile Swiatek Cassafieres France
2. Open Lab – Space-as-a-Service in Multimedia Center of NCL in Taiwan [1] Shu-hsien Tseng
[2] Hsiao-ling Hou
[3] Ting-yu Chen
[4] Ling-fang Wei
Taiwan (R.O.C.)
3. New words on the wild [1] Dorte Rugtved
[2] Helle Laursen
4. ADA Library services for research community and guest users as a part of SDG initiative [1] Vafa Mammadova
[2] Naida Kazimova
5. Gimme a break [1] Miriam van den Beemt
[2] Mariken van Meer
6. Big data in support of sustainable development of public libraries in Taiwan: NCL’s Nationwide Library Big Data Platform [1] Wei-hsiang Hung
[2] Shu-hsien Tseng
Taiwan (R.O.C.)
7. The “Library of Things” at Goethe-Institutes in countries of Central Eastern Europe [1] Eva Hackenberg Poland
8. Libraries in XR [1] Stefanie Kastner Germany
9. Cancelled
10. Working Together! Experiences from an Academic Library Exchange between the United States and China [1] Xiaorong Shao
[2] Margaret Gregor
United States
11. The role of business school librarians in the local economy through the community service: case of CESAG [1] Fatou Diop Senegal
12. The Materiality of Manga: Paper or Digital? [1] Miki Muraki Japan
13. Examining Epistemological Disparities in Non-English-Speaking Countries: An Analysis of OA Diamond Journals Based on GDP Level [1] Eun Kyung Chung
[2] Jung Won Yoon
Republic of Korea
14. Creating, operating, learning, and developing TOGETHER [1] Anneli Haapaharju
[2] Heli Muhonen
15. Let us support Open Science together, that is the library of today! [1] Markus Putnings Germany
16. Comparative study of 5 countries on how libraries contribute to SDGs [1] Tuba Akbaytürk
[2] Nilay Cevher
[3] Ertuğrul Çimen
[4] Kübra Zayim Gedik
17. Public libraries – resource centers for actioning the SDGs through public-private partnerships [1] Ioana Cornelia Cristina Crihana
[2] Stefania Stanica
18. Cybersecurity and Libraries: Global Trends, Challenges, and Best Practices [1] Guoying Liu
[2] Qing Zou
[3] Shiyi Xie
19. Librarians’ Innovative Challenges for Users: Librarian-led Library Marketing [1] Baejae Shin
[2] Areum Han
[3] Sejin Park
Republic of Korea
20. MedievalMe – a serious medieval game! [1] Rianne Koning
[3] Sanne Frequin
21. An open research documentation for the `Bamberg Treasures´ [1] Johanna Staudinger Germany
22. Green Technologies Work Together to Promote a Sustainable Future for Public Library – A Perspective from the Zhijiang Library [1] Hongyu Ren
[2] Shuo Hong
23. Libraries Build Business: The Library’s Role in the Small Business Ecosystem [1] Megan Janicki United States
24. Cancelled
25. Twenty Years of Organized Lifelong Learning of Librarians in Croatia: Opportunities for a Sustainable Future [1] Antonija Filipeti
[2] Marta Matijević
26. Integrated Self-Pickup Service of National Library of Public Information (NLPI) in Taiwan: A Resilient Infrastructure [1] Yang-Ching Li
[2] Chia-Hsun Tsai
Taiwan (R.O.C.)
27. Self-decolonization as the basis for decolonial library practice [1] Yvonne Schürer Germany
28. Sustainable digital data protection ecosystem towards crises: UniMAC-GIJ Library system in perspective [1] Faustina Barfi
[2] Patrick Mapulanga
[3] Lydia Nyantakyi-Baah
Ghana & Malawi
29. “Vakantielezen” [1] Jolanda Robben
[2] Ralph Bauw
[3] Amanda Koopman
30. China Academic Digital Libraries over 20 Years: from Digital Collaboration to Digital Knowledge Service Alliance [1] Jiali Jin
[2] Chen Huang
31. Critical Information Literacy Program in a Brazilian Academic Library [1] Gabriel Cunha Leal de Araujo Brazil
32. Appraising and Bridging Literacy Gaps: Case of Six Public and Private School Libraries of Lahore, Pakistan [1] Abdul Jabbar
[2] Nosheen Warraich
33. Little Free Classes in Rural Libraries: The Combination of Online Resources with Offline Learning for Left-behind Children [1] Xiaofang Zhang
[2] Zizhou Wang
34. Attitudes of LIS Students towards the SDGs [1] Michaela Mrazova Czechia
35. Cancelled
36. One Language, Different Romanization Rules: The 20th Anniversary of the Pinyin Conversion Project [1] Lucy Gan
[2] Yao Chen
[3] Xiang Li
[4] Chengzhi Wang
37. Cancelled
38. Reading is a superpower: promoting literacy skills to make life more meaningful for our citizens [1] Sanna Hernelahti
[2] Jaana Rantala
[3] Kukka Olsoni
39. Do UK Health Libraries help the National Health Service meet UN Sustainable Development Goals? [1] Ramyamala Cooke
[2] Adam Tocock
United Kingdom
40. Message & Massage (M&M) [1] Norshahila Hashim
[2] Norilsyahirah Ilyas
41. Sustainability through knowledge and participation [1] Heidi Anderssen-Dukes Norway
42. Cancelled
43. The Dutch BoekStart approach [1] Adriaan Langendonk
[2] Inger Bos
[3] Marijke Bos
[4] Julienne van den Heuvel
44. Opening Up the Archives: Teaching Non-Majors About the Joys of Archival Collections and Research [1] Jennifer Brannock United States
45. Collaborating for Sustainability: San Diego State University Library Building Partnerships to Promote the UN SDGs [1] Sarah Tribelhorn
[2] Scott Walter
United States
46. Read together for half an hour: From libraries to society at large [1] Yan Zhang
[2] Li Mei Shi
[3] Lin Lin Geng
China, Macao Special Administrative Region
47. “Reading School”: recovering learning in the post-COVID [1] Raquel Ramos
[2] Ana Paula Ferreira
48. Printing together our heritage [1] Crina Popescu
[2] Andreea Nicoleta Florescu
49. TechPlay @the Library: Narrowing the digital divide, one smart toy at the time [1] Deborah van der Linde
[2] Delia Filipescu
[3] Scott Munro
50. Library placement as an enabler for libraries and librarians in building a sustainable future [1] Anita Dewi Australia
51. Read for Hope and Love – NCKU Library’s Inclusive Approach “LibRE” towards Achieving SDGs [1] Hsiaochun Hou
[2] De-Hong Tsai
[3] Han-Ching Wang
[4] Ching-Chun Lo
Taiwan (R.O.C.)
52. DataWhizzes [1] Mari Vuorinen
[2] Hanna-Leena Majuri-Jantunen
53. Mental Health Bridges – enabling health literacy skills for people with mental health issues. An online tool created collaboratively by librarians and mental health professionals [1] Leonard Levin
[2] Joanne Nicholson
United States
54. Right to read: Building a universally accessible library for all [1] Purnima Rao
[2] Rituparna Neog
55. Oman Virtual Science Library – Masader [1] Muneer Albattashi
[2] Hisham Alaraimi
[3] Waleed Albadi
56. Transformative capacities of libraries – TU Wien Bibliothek as a role model [1] Beate Guba
[2] Chris Schubert
[3] Charlotte Reiff
[4] Paolo Budroni
[5] Silvia Spitaler
57. Discover the E-book Collection of the National Library of Catalonia, a sustainable effort to engage new audiences on cultural heritage. [1] Núria Altarriba Vigatà Spain
58. Application of CIDOC CRM for Events of the Epos Shahnameh with Especial Focus on Geographical Places [1] Massoomeh Niknia Iran (Islamic Republic of)
59. Use your voice as a gift: reading for the visually impaired [1] Leni Shi
[2] Shumin Tu
60. Angel in action: Library creative outputs [1] Jiaoteng Gong
[2] Lingyun Zhou
61. Dutch libraries contribute to digital inclusion; Help and information for people who can’t come along in the digital society [1] Stephanie Verhagen
[2] Kirsten Sinke
62. Cancelled
63. Unconventional librarians for bibliophiles [1] Umida Teshabayeva
[2] Gulbakhor Kabiljanova
64. National library of Nigeria:  Readership interventions programme [1] Titilola Abigail Mafe
[2] Chinwe Veronica Anunobi
65. Sustainability in concrete terms / Sustainability in practice [1] Josephine Siegrist
[2] Heike Ehrlicher
66. Fake News Festival [1] Loes Eijk
[2] Mariette Roelvink
67. Providing affordable course materials through transfer student discussions [1] Beth Filar Williams
[2] Zach Welhouse
United States
68. Public library support for children in poverty: Case analyses in Tokyo, Toronto and New York [1] Momoka Watanabe
[2] Tomoya Igarashi
69. “Go Green”: promoting sustainable development through the innovative program of Bjelovar Public Library [1] Neda Adamović
[2] Tihana Lončarić
70. Medsyntax: A new open-source tool for enhanced literature research [1] Margot Gremmen-Verleg
[2] Ted Gremmen-Verleg
71. Ethics and AI in the Dutch public library sector [1] Niels Bogaards
[2] Britt Grootes
72. DALAM – Thematic Network on Decolonizing of Arctic Library and Archives Metadata [1] Susanna Parikka Finland
73. BIBLIOGRILL A French tool to federate public libraries in the face of societal challenges [1] Eléonore Clavreul France
74. Noah’s Ark – Support children in vulnerable situations with equal opportunities [1] Weidong Zhang
[2] Xipeng Chen
[3] Tianyi Peng
75. School libraries are shaping a media-literate generation of the future [1] Aliya Saidembayeva
[2] Bibigul Shagiyeva
[3] Seitov Aman
76. An International Comparison of Web browsing assistance features of the libraries for the people with visually impaired in Japan and the U.S. [1] Akihiro Motoki
[2] Yukino Yamanaka
77. Pay attention! Check information for best future [1] Kateryna Aleksieienko Ukraine
78. Sustainable Storage at McGill’s Collections Centre [1] Joseph Hafner
[2] Katherine Hanz
[3] Svetlana Kochkina
79. Bukmarker application: libraries enhancing quality education in Serbia [1] Marija Radulović
[2] Bogdan Trifunović
80. Librarians working together for a sustainable future. [1] Maria Larkin
[2] Loretta Atkinson
81. The University Library Belgrade as a Developer of a Sustainable Future in the Balkan Countries through the Prism of Citizen Science [1] Aleksandra Trtovac
[2] Nataša Dakić
[3] Vasilije Milnović
[4] Aleksandar Jerkov
82. How can librarians help? [1] Mia Perković Croatia
83. Investigating Librarian Perspectives on Generative AI: A Mixed-Methods R&D Initiative [1] Jesper Solheim Johansen

[2] Christian Headley

84. Society without boundaries [1] Karlo Galinec Croatia
85. PUMC Medical Library Promotes Health and Well-Being by using AI and the Internet [1] Weijie Wang
[2] Yi Liu
86. Where there are no libraries… but there is a school… there will be the “One Class, One Library” Programme [1] Marie- Martine Yobol Cameroon
87. برنامج تدريبي لمكافحة الوباء المعلوماتي بالمكتبات الجامعية العربية : التعريف, الأهداف و الإيجابيات A training program to combat the information epidemic in Arab university libraries: definition, objectives and advantages [1] Eman Aloui Tunisia
88. Let’s Open Up Hidden Knowledge! [1] Elena Sipria-Mironov
[2] Barbara Laner
Estonia & Austria
89. Multilingual magic: Story time books and
videos for all kids
[1] Linda Voortman
[2] Femke Manger
[3] Karien van Buuren
90. Cancelled
91. Patient Experience Stories collection [1] Elsa Valente
[2] Maaike Vercouteren
[3] Erica Schanstra
92. Green space at the library: Hydroponics for Sustainability [1] Ahmad Samsudin Malaysia
93. Library Home Delivery Service Brings Cultural Well-Being to the Most Vulnerable [1] Hanna Kaisti
[2] Sirkku Petäjä
94. Empowering Sustainable Professional Development: IFLA SCITECH’s webinars and their impact on global knowledge sharing [1] Kara Whatley United States
95. Books on the Move [1] Riin Olonen
[2] Kristel Veimann
96. ‘BACA’ (Reading): Its birth and journey throughout Malaysia [1] Shamsiah Abu Bakar
[2] Hasnita Ibrahim
[3] Siti Sumaizan Ramli
97. Cancelled
98. Let’s SDGs @ library+ : From openness to sustainability [1] Shu-Chuan Tsao Taiwan (R.O.C.)
99. Responding to the Community: Exploring Library Staff and Participants Roles in Creating Programs for Radio Broadcasting [1] Sarah Evans
[2] Lance Simpson
United States
100. Bridging the Gap: Meeting the Health Information Needs of Female New Immigrants [1] Hsiao-Chi Chou Taiwan (R.O.C.)
101. Considerations in New RDA toolkit based on LRM [1] Lee Mihwa Republic of Korea
102. Sea Library: A Creator of Community! Ten diverse community libraries of Shenzhen Yantian Library, China [1] Shiyao Cheng
[2] Ling Zhu
103. ThemaKiezer: a collaborative tool helping librarians to create selections, share insights and compare collections [1] Frederique Schut
[2] Niels Bogaards
104. SDG Stories and How Public Libraries Contributes to SDGs – Taiwan Perspectives [1] Hao-Ren Ke
[2] Jia-Ruei Fan
Taiwan (R.O.C.)
105. Storytime: A storyteller anytime, anywhere! [1] Huey Bin Heng
[2] Tabitha Shepherdson
106. The Libraries and the Wikimedia together: The two-edged swords of blending information [1] Ngozi Osuchukwu Nigeria
107. The Trees & The Library: A Knowledge Connection [1] Mochammad Riski Destrianto
[2] Mutty Hariyati
108. “Bibliotourism”: A Unique Concept for the Kuala Kangsar Public Library [1] Mohd Saiful Nizar Haisam
[2] Asiah Bohbery
[3] Rafidah Abdul Aziz
109. A Model for the Effective Implementation of the Web 2.0 Applications in Academic Libraries in Ghana [1] Miriam Linda Akeriwe Ghana
110. Building Korea’s first public library for comics and web-toons [1] Durk H. Chang
[2] So Jeong Go
[3] Bon Jin Koo
Republic of Korea
111. Cancelled
112. Fake vs Fact – Libraries building news literate societies [1] Marjan Marinkovic
[2] Jasmina Ninkov
113. CSI Croatia: Bridging the gap between science and society [1] Martina Žugaj
[2] Lovorka Čaja
114. National Electronic Library (KAZNEB) electronic resource of cultural and scientific heritage of Kazakhstan [1] Gaziza Nurgaliyeva
[2] Raina Azhkenova
115. Solidarity with the Ukrainian people [1] Marion Ansel
[2] Isabelle Breuil
116. Scientific Information Review. CSI – uncovering the services [1] Ivana Končić
[2] Sanja Jurković
117. Dear Utopia [1] Roxane Sterckeman France
118. 7 ingredients for a successful family literacy program [1] Tirza de Fockert
[2] Manouk van den Brink
119. Lirtuel: a collaborative public libraries approach for e-lending on a large-scale territory [1] Alexandre Lemaire
[2] Sébastien Vaillant
120. What storytelling reveals about our culture: a collaboration between Selangor Children’s Heritage Foundation (YAWAS) and Selangor Public Library Corporation (PPAS) [1] Norafidah Muhamad Wirsat
[2] Grace Dingin
121. Digital transformation strategy of medical library resource construction [1] Xu Wang
[2] Huiling Ren[3] Yi Liu
122. IRC Virtual Reality [1] Kamaliah Mohd
[2] Siti Nurbaya Abdul Karim
123. New IFLA Guidelines for Library Services to Prisoners [1] Lisa Krolak
[2] Gerhard Peschers
124. Creating a Maker: Building sustainable future for the young generation @Raja Tun Uda Library [1] Nur Izzani Abdul Manaf
[2] Fahrurrazi Md Shukri
[3] Noraina Arifin
[4] Norelmin Sapuan
125. The path of sustainable development: an environmental management tool in Vantaa City Library [1] Leena Toivonen
[2] Tiina Vallo
[3] Maija Lehtola
126. Together for special libraries in Croatia [1] Breza Šalamon-Cindori
[2] Irena Urem
127. Unboxing more sustainable communities – Digital skills & learning together! [1] Juliaana Grahn Finland
128. A playful approach of SDG education [1] Daniel Nazare Romania
129. Short-video—— A virtual space within creativity and knowledge discovery in Academic Library [1] Xue Li
[2] Sidong Zheng
[3] Juan Chen
[4] Hua Fan
[5] Foster Zhang
130. Collaborative Practices for Archiving Farmworker Communities’ Histories [1] Suzanne Stapleton
[2] Margarita Vargas-Betancourt
United States
131. Going the distance to reshape library services for graduate students [1] Aditi Gupta
[2] T.S. Kumbar
Canada & India
132. Let’s read together: A readership promotion and motivation initiative by librarians for children in an undeserved suburban community in Ilesha, Nigeria [1] Iwok Shabi
[2] Margaret Abimbola
133. Bibliotecas Verdes, construyendo futuro [1] Alejandro Santa
[2] Isela Mo Amavet Mo Amavet
134. Taking the temperature of chat reference: An analysis of user complaints in the time of COVID-19 [1] Chad Crichton
[2] Kathryn Barrett
135. Turning The Tide Against Floods [1] Muhammad Nooramin B. Mohd Hassan Malaysia
136. Les Bibliothéques africaines et les projets Wikimédia : un cocktail gagnant pour le leadership féminin [1] Fatima Oury Sow Gueye
[2] Adjovi Essenam Fumey
137. Role of Academic Libraries from Latin America to Implementation of Open Science and Research Data Management: Analysis and Model Proposal [1] Juan Miguel Palma Peña Mexico
138. Enhancing Cultural heritage – Public Library in Jagodina as tourism potential of the local community [1] Suzana Tanasijevic
[2] Nada Dimitrijevic
139. Analyzing the Operation of Korean School Libraries based on Staffing [1] Bong-suk Kang Republic of Korea
140. Cancelled
141. Taking My Job Away? Reference Librarians’ Torn Attitudes Towards Library AI Chatbots [1] Shiao-Feng Su
[2] Feng-Ru Sheu
[3] Jiayu Lee
United States & Taiwan (R.O.C.)
142. Car boot Sale@Pustaka Raja Tun Uda [1] Mohamed Fadzli Mohd Fauzi
[2] Saliza Rahman
[3] Rozainees Kamaruddin
143. Vietnamese-German University Inclusive Library for Sustainable Development [1] Tri Nguyen
[2] Hang Hoang
[3] Tam Nguyen
Viet Nam
144. Two-edged Sword Project: Reframing Perception of LIS students and Sensitizing a Local Community on Climate Intervention in Ibadan, Nigeria [1] Sophia Adeyeye
[2] Opeyemi Oboh
145. UDIS as a smart champion for information services [1] Siphamandla Mncube
[2] Ike Hlongwane
[3] Matlala Rachel Mahlatji
[4] Mapula Matsapola Mercy Mokgele
South Africa
146. Smart Prayer@ Raja Tun Uda Library [1] Nor Chempawan Mat Abu
[2] Mohamad Haniff
147. What is a Green Library? [1] Antonia Mocatta
[2] Petra Hauke
[3] Priscilla Pun
[4] Rosario Toril Moreno
Australia, Germany, China, Macao Special Administrative Region & Spain
148. A new dimension of public library services [1] Snežana Nenezić Serbia
149. CuratorBot: Speaking with KB Collections using ChatGPT [1] Jeff Love
[2] Heng Gu
150. APP 3 L – Books, Reading, Literacy: Portuguese public libraries, bookhops, festivals and authors in your hand [1] Bruno Duarte Eiras Portugal
151. Realising SDGs through Library Networking in India : Empowering Libraries, Inspiring Users through Pioneering work of DELNET [1] Sangeeta Kaul
[2] Deepak Yadav
152. Head for the library: Greenwise Practice of Pingshan Library [1] Qimei Lu
[2] Qiong Tang
153. Contextualised learning for student success: Supporting the educational attainment of students from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds [1] Kelly Ann Smith
[2] Teryn Attwell
154. Children’s Literature and the SDGs of the 2030 Agenda of the UN [1] Cesar Frezzato
[2] Pierre André Ruprecht
155. Institutionalizing a SWELL (Student Wellness) Facility: The University of the Philippines Library Experience [1] Sharon Maria Esposo-Betan Philippines
156. Towards Smarter and Greener Services: Intelligent Book Storage System and Online Borrowing Platform in Foshan Library [1] Jingzhu Wei
[2] Tongrui Zhang
157. Library at the Gates of Cultures and Gemenc [1] Norbert Kovács
[2] Szilvia Dombai
158. Plaine commune’s public libraries and the SDG [1] Gwendoline Coipeault France
159. Building and sustaining a participatory culture in libraries [1] Anna Maria Tammaro
[2] Jette Greibe
[3] Antonella Lamberti
Italy & Denmark
160. Cancelled
161. Training undergraduate researchers as peer reviewers [1] Merinda Hensley United States
162. 15 Years of Excellence in Reading Promotion [1] Anna Au China, Macao Special Administrative Region
163. Academic Library and the Role of Sustainable Environment Awareness Development towards Community Service Activities [1] Narumon Pruegsasil
[2] Malivan Praditteera
[3] Lamai Prakonsi
[4] Dowrat Tanrat
[5] Jureerat Kliangkaeo
164. Dissemination of knowledge and skills between secondary education and tertiary education stakeholders for the benefit of new generations of young Europeans – Academic library point of view [1] Marija Šimunović
[2] Davorka Jukica
165. Bringing medieval manuscripts into the 21st century with linked data and IIIF [1] Danielle Jansen
[2] Renée Schilling
166. Promoting Inclusive Learning through a Library’s Makerspace [1] Elizabeth O’Brian
[2] Adriana Sgro
167. Green Library by bike [1] Corina Meinel Germany
168. Library named after Oralkhan Bokey – the engine of digital literacy [1] Assel Omarova
[2] Zhanat Zhienbekova
169. Open up your digital library! [1] Jessica Wevers
[2] Ron Hol
170. Voices behind words [1] Jelena Lesaja
[2] Karolina Zlatar Radigovic
171. Sustainable Library 2030 Roadmap – Library contributing to UN Sustainable Development Goals [1] Minna Männikkö Finland
172. Looking to Dokk1 as a Model of Community-Sustainability Promoting Libraries in Support of Funding Libraries in Denver, Colorado, USA [1] Tanner King
[2] Liz Ochs
[3] Laurel Schwaebe
United States
173. “Reading Beibu Gulf” Library Study Tours [1] Yang Li
[2] Si Li
174. Tallinn Central Library vs digital waste [1] Kristi Veeber Estonia
175. AR EDUTAINMENT [1] Nurizma Zahari
[2] Norshahila Hashim
176. Library Foundations as foundations of democracy – a global perspective [1] Sara Johns
[2] Tammy Westergard
United States
177. Library Resilience and Leadership: Lessons from Disaster Research to engage your community and empower your staff [1] Denise Lyons
[2] Feili Tu-Keefner
[3] April Hobbs
United States
178. Voices and Vices: Building community with a Science Library Podcast [1] Virginia Pow
[2] Jessica Thorlakson
179. Qatar National Library Launches Manara, a New Research Repository for Qatar [1] Alwaleed Alkhaja Qatar
180. Solar Panels as a Clean Source of Energy – Energy Efficiency of the National Library of Serbia [1] Beba Stankovic Serbia
181. Collections as Data: Charting International Futures [1] Yasmeen Shorish
[2] Hannah Scates Kettler
United States
182. Remote, assisted cataloging by AureXus [1] Thierry Leger
[2] Elsa Boniffacy
183. Monsters United Animated Books [1] Rebecca Tan
[2] Huey Bin Heng
184. Sustaining Access to Feminist Art: The Judy Chicago Research Portal [1] Jennifer Weintraub
[2] Binky Lush
United States
185. Pinakes Project: structuring of the Integrated Digital Ecosystem of Bibliographic Resources, technical and scientific, in Brazil [1] Tainá Assis
[2] Bruno Costa
186. Cancelled
187. All Inclusive Engagement: Utilizing University Resources for Rural Public Library Outreach [1] Emily Alford United States
188. SDGs corners of selected Academic Libraries in Accra: Nuggets for UniMAC-GIJ Library to engage clients [1] Lydia Nyantakyi-Baah
[2] Faustina Barfi
189. Expect the unexpected: Redefining learning through art outreach programs [1] Tsai-Hua Lee Taiwan (R.O.C.)
190. Compass8 [1] Hanna-Leena Majuri-Jantunen
[2] Mari Vuorinen
191. Sharing the ASCL photo collection on Wikimedia Commons: what’s in for whom [1] Ursula Oberst
[2] Machteld Oosterkamp
192. BiblioVerde, un espacio para la co-construcción de la educación ambiental desde las bibliotecas públicas y escolares en la ciudad de Santa Clara, Cuba [1] Ricardo Luis Alvarez Ruíz
[2] Anier Caso Barreto
193. The Mississippi State University Exploration, Research, and Learning Environment (ERLE) [1] Lis Pankl
[2] Jason Keith
United States
194. Construyendo un estilo de vida sostenible a través de los IDGs.: Ser-Pensar-Actuar [1] Maria Victoria Hernandez-Zaragoza
[2] Jorge López Cuevas
195. Small library, big ideas: supporting education on climate action [1] Eva Hornung Ireland
196. Experimenta-OUTSIDE-CommEdu [1] Antonija Lujanac Croatia
197. The effect of Bibliotherapy on the mental health of sexually abused women and girls [1] Reza Asnafi
[2] Aram Mojiri
Iran (Islamic Republic of)