Satellite Meetings

Every year, a number of IFLA Professional Units (Sections, Special Interest Groups, Review Groups, and Advisory Committees) organise unique Satellite Meetings prior to or just after the IFLA World Library and Information Congress.

These 1-2 day meetings are held either in the host country or in countries in the surrounding region.

1. Library Buildings and Equipment Section

The Building Journey

Date: 17–18 August 2023

Location: De Krook Library, Ghent, Belgium

2. Libraries Serving People with Print Disabilities and the National Library of the Netherlands (KB)

Let’s work together, let’s library for all

The integration of library services for persons with print disabilities into the services of the public library.

Date: 18–19 August 2023

Location: Korenbeurs, Schiedam, The Netherlands

3. Statistics and Evaluation Section

Demystifying Statistics and Evaluation in Libraries

Date: 17–18 August 2023

Location: The University of Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands

4. Academic and Research Libraries Section

Inclusiveness through Openness

Date: 18–19 August 2023

Location: Erasmus University, Rotterdam The Netherlands

5. Law Libraries Section with Association internationale francophone des bibliothécaires et documentalistes (AIFBD)

Access to information at the heart of development: advocacy for libraries and documentation centres / L’accès à l’information au cœur du développement : plaidoyer pour les bibliothèques et les centres de documentation

Date: 16–18 August 2023

Location: Royal Library of Belgium, Brussels, Belgium

6. Metropolitan Libraries Section

Realizing the Opportunity: Libraries in Sustainable Urban Development

Date: 18 August 2023

Location:  Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS), Rotterdam, The Netherlands

7. Local History and Genealogy Section

Innovative approaches in engaging people with local history and genealogy

Date: 17–18 August 2023

Location: KU Leuven Libraries, Leuven, Belgium

8. Information Technology Section

Agile methodology in libraries: innovations in library projects

Date: 18 August 2023

Location: Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

9. Evidence for Global and Disaster Health Special Interest Group

It’s getting hot in here! Information Professionals Contributing to Open Science towards Climate Empowerment

Date: 25 August 2023; 10:00 – 12:00 CEST (See the time where you are)

This satellite meeting is now a virtual panel discussion.

10. LGBTQ Users Special Interest Group and Management and Marketing

‘The Library is open’: creating safe working environments for LGBTQ+ library employees and marketing supportive LGBTQ+ services

Date: 17–18 August 2023

Location: Government of the Netherlands, The Hague, The Netherlands

11. School Libraries Section


12. Environment, Sustainability and Libraries Section and Public Libraries Section

Libraries as Actors of Climate Empowerment (ACE) 

Date: 19 August 2023

Location: Bibliotheek LocHal, Tilburg, The Netherlands

13. Library and Research Services for Parliaments

38th Pre-Conference of the Library and Research Services for Parliaments Section of IFLA

Date: 17–18 August 2023

Location: Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal, The Hague, The Netherlands

14. Library History Special Interest Group

Preserving our origins: Approaches to the organization, curation, and historiography of the record of national and international organizations in libraries, information, and documentation

Date: Thursday 17 August (afternoon), Friday 18 August (Full day), Saturday 19 August (morning)

Location: Mundaneum, Mons, Belgium

15. Art Libraries Section

Art Libraries: Big idea, difficult questions

What is the future as a result of the changes in digital technologies in the last 25 years, in the form of communications and exhibitions? 

Date: 17–19 August 2023

Location: Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

16. Library Publishing Special Interest Group

The Global Impact of Library Publishing

Date: 19 August 2023

Location: Koninklijke Bibliotheek (Royal Library of the Netherlands), The Hague, The Netherlands

17. Knowledge Management Section

Perspectives on Global Knowledge Management Training and Education

Date: 19 August 2023

Location: Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

18. Library Services to Multicultural Populations

Empowering Diverse Librarianship

Engaging and Empowering Library Workers from Diaspora Communities to Strengthen their Social Representation and Cohesion.

Date: 18 August 2023

Location: Dutch national centre of expertise and repository for research data, The Hague, The Netherlands

19. National Libraries Section and Preservation and Conservation Section

Strengthening libraries emergency preparedness and response

Date: 17 – 18 August 2023

Location: OBA Congres, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

20. Rare Books and Special Collections Section and Indigenous Matters Section

Empire, Indigeneity, and colonial heritage collections: confronting difficult pasts, enabling just futures

Date: 18–19 August 2023

Location: University of Leiden Library, Leiden, The Netherlands

21. Libraries for Children and Young Adults Section and Literacy & Reading Section

Young Children’s Journeys into Reading: Early Literacy Stories

Date: 19 August 2023

Location: The National Library of the Netherlands and the Children’s Book Museum, The Hague, The Netherlands

22. Bibliography Section, Cataloguing Section and Subject Analysis and Access Section

Universal Bibliographic Control at the crossroads: the challenges of unifying IFLA bibliographic standards

Date: 18–19 August 2023

Location: KBR, Brussels, Belgium

23. Information Literacy Section

Working Together to Develop Digital Literate Learners

Date: 18 August 2023

Location: Technische Universiteit Delft, Delft, The Netherlands

24. New Professionals SIG


Date: 18–19 August 2023

Location: Goethe Institut, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

25. Regional Division Committee Europe

Advocating for Public Libraries in Europe

Date: 19 August 2023

Location: Rotterdam Public Library, Rotterdam, Netherlands

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