Local suppliers for congress materials such as lanyards and paper cups.

For food, we chose to work with:

  • Small farm economics
  • Vegetarian and vegan options
  • Use of water dispensers with paper cups

Blijdorp Zoo

Blijdorp Zoo has been working towards sustainable operations for many years. After all, caring for nature is inseparable from caring for the environment. Clearly visible are the solar panels on the roof of the Oceanium and the sustainable Savannah House for the giraffes. When building or renovating animal enclosures, careful attention is paid to insulation, sustainable materials and smart technology to save energy. Less visible are the energy-saving measures in areas such as water, lighting and heating that Blijdorp has implemented behind the scenes in recent years. For instance, a good number of taps and lights have been replaced, intermediate meters have been installed and the entire zoo has been audited to enable sustainable operations.

The Green Key is an international quality mark for businesses in the leisure sector that do everything possible to preserve the environment. The quality mark is awarded in Bronze, Silver or Gold. Blijdorp was awarded the highest rating: Gold.
In the coming years, the Zoo will continue its efforts to further reduce its environmental burden. The Green Key 2023 Certificate will help in this regard as the standards are tightened every three years.
In Blijdorp, we have installed 1,034 LED lights at 10 different locations in recent years. By doing so, we save 30% energy, about 170,650 kWh, as much as is normally consumed in almost 50 households and about 38,000 euros per year.
Five charging poles (2 points per pole) for electric cars have been installed.
We get wood chips from the municipality which has reduced transport.
No chemical cleaning agents are used, only water and special wipes (except in the catering and some animal shelters).
We feed MSC-certified herring to the sea lions.

Caterer Officers Reception:

The conscious choices we make guarantee the most sustainable implementation based on water and energy consumption, transport, packaging, waste, food waste, re-use, reduce and recycle.
By making use of direct purchasing channels from farmers and local producers, we provide a large proportion of seasonal regional products in our range, with which we can guarantee minimal food miles and we support other entrepreneurs in our region.
By using pure natural seasonings, we guarantee a good balance of products with sufficient nutritional value without added substances.