Our local signage supplier Partnion works daily towards a better future. Sustainability is a significant core value that is widely embraced within our organization. From sustainable production to reducing transport moments, modular building, thinking about sustainable packaging methods, waste management and LEAN organizing processes. We know the trends and quickly implement innovative sustainable possibilities in our company. Being sustainable – is doing sustainably and goes far beyond just producing green. We will use as much virtual Signage as possible to reduce waste and will recycle materials where possible.

Core values of Partnion :

  • Sustainable: no more waste (100% recyclable and 100% PCV free)
  • Inspire: Partnion dares to change and come up with new solutions
    to promote a better world
  • Efficient: ever run too much and never run empty-handed
  • Service-oriented: we say what we do and we do what we say
  • Expertise: gathering knowledge and sharing knowledge