How will you travel to the Convention Centre? The easiest way of course is to take a taxi from your hotel to Ahoy. Or you can do it the Dutch way and pedal your way there on a bicycle. But perhaps the best option in Rotterdam is to use public transport.

Rotterdam’s public transport network consists of buses and trams as well as a metro. If you choose to travel by metro, then Zuidplein metro stop is your destination. From here it’s less than a 5-minute stroll to Ahoy. You can also reach Ahoy by tram. The ride takes a bit longer, but does offer a more scenic city trip. For tram lines, stops and schedules, go to

Like everywhere in the Netherlands, you can pay your way in Rotterdam’s public transport using a bank card. You can check in and out with:

  • contactless debit card from ABN AMRO, ASN bank, bunq, ING, Rabobank, Knab, Regiobank or SNS
  • contactless credit card from Mastercard and Visa (issued by ICS)
  • smartphones that are set up with contactless payment with a card from above-mentioned debit and credit cards. Also with Apple Pay and Google Wallet
  • a foreign contactless debit card or credit card from Maestro, V pay, Mastercard, or Visa

Go to for more information about OVpay.

When travelling by metro, you pay by holding your bank card against the check-in/check-out terminal on the platform, or on the gates. For buses and trams, the check-in/check-out terminals are inside the vehicle, by the doors. Remember that the system in the Netherlands requires you to always check-out again with your card when you’ve reached your destination. If you forget to check-out, you will unfortunately pay a penalty.