Half-day Tour 8: Technical University Library Delft

Libraries: TU Delft Library, Technical University Delft

Type of Library: academic

Total Distance Return Trip: 36 km

Meeting Point: Ahoy Rotterdam

Price per Person: €15

TU Delft Library

Every day at the TU Delft Library, we help people to find relevant and reliable knowledge produced by others and to publish and store their own knowledge. By thus ensuring the free flow of knowledge, we enable TU Delft knowledge also to be of value to others. We help students to progress by offering them that final piece of the puzzle they need to complete their thesis. We also assist researchers and lecturers in publishing their work openly, enabling everyone to use and reuse it. Together, we make sure that reliable and relevant knowledge is not locked away in an ivory tower, but is put to good use. In this way we are contributing to a better society. Digitalisation has changed the role of libraries. They are no longer places where reliable knowledge is stored, as was traditionally the case. In this new age, a library serves as a guide to help you find valuable knowledge – regardless of where it is stored (physically in the library or digitally anywhere in the world); knowledge that takes study, research and society to a higher plane. At TU Delft Library, every day we help people find the relevant and reliable knowledge of others, and publish and store their own knowledge. In this way we ensure that knowledge flows freely, and that  TU Delft’s knowledge can have value for others. This is our contribution to the overall mission of TU Delft: Impact for a Better Society. We are happy to give a guided tour and show our visitors all the services we provide. From our collection wall to our VR Zone and everything in between. Nowadays the TU Delft Library is a place to study, develop, research and discover. Not a visit, an experience.