Half-day Tour 4: Brabant 2

Libraries: Bibliotheek West Brabant* and DePetrus | Public Library Vught

Type of Library: special and public

Total Distance Return Trip: 140 km

Meeting Point: Ahoy Rotterdam

Price per person: € 15

* Lunch is offered

Bibliotheek West-Brabant

This library is partly located in a monumental house, built in 1865: the Emil van Loonhuis.
The former home of this mayor in the 19th century forms an important part of this library. Van Loon was considered one of the richest Roosendalers at his time and the location has a long history.
The Bibliotheek West-Brabant continues to build a strong library network in West-Brabant, together with our network of partners. The library in Roosendaal is for everyone who wants to read, learn, meet and discover. The library stimulates curiosity! It is a place where you can read a newspaper or come and study, where you can find answers and where you can develop yourself. You can participate in courses or practice groups aimed at improving language and digital skills. We offer fun activities and we offer these activities both online and in the library. We support and encourage people in their development and together we’re building on a better society.

DePetrus | Public Library Vught

“I have seen many repurposed churches in the Netherlands, but this one is the most beautiful,” commented an enthusiastic visitor to DePetrus in Vught. Guests can’t stop talking about the allure of this magnificent space, where the stained glass is constantly (and beautifully) changing the incoming light. Less than a month after the opening, CNN headlined: “How beautiful design is keeping libraries relevant in the digital era”. This is an amazing tribute of course, but it only captures a small part of what this impressive place has to offer, because in addition to the Vught Library, DePetrus also houses the Vughts Museum, a Fair Trade shop and a readers’ café. A great place to enjoy a great cup of coffee and a delicious pastry while you unwind among an extensive selection of newspapers and magazines.