Half-day Tour 3: CulturA & Zo, Public Library the Hague

Libraries: CulturA & Zo, Public Library the Hague

Type of Library: special and public

Total Distance Return Trip: 70 km

Meeting Point: Ahoy Rotterdam

Price per person: € 15

CulturA & Zo

CulturA & Zo is the cultural living room / lounge of Nootdorp where anybody is welcome and everybody will feel at home. Everyone is invited to come over and borrow a book, visit a show, watch a movie, study, work, attend music or dance classes, drink a cup of coffee and meet up with other people. It’s a multidisciplinary community center and the Library facilities are spread out thoughout the entire building, intertwining with all aspects of the activities that are organised there.

The Hague Public Library

A place full of stories, ideas and encounters
The Hague Library has 16 branches spread throughout the city, draws more than 1.5 million visitors and organises over 6,000 activities a year. An ideal place to learn more and to meet people.
The Central Library can be found in the city centre: anyone walking in town cannot miss the large white building designed by architect Richard Meier. You are cordially invited come in and talk to people about your world and admire the library from within.

For the city
The Hague Library is filled with stories and ideas, a place where people can meet. A place where the world comes to life, for young and old. Visitors can find inspiration and widen their horizons. Whether you want to learn Dutch, see an exhibition or join an interesting workshop: our doors are open to all – your story starts at the library.

Inviting place to meet
Last year, the architects at Mecanoo undertook an overhaul and refurbishment of the Central Library. The open and light space is in keeping with its function as a place to meet and for personal development, with more room for workstations and for activities. While visitors can still become engrossed in the stories on the shelves of the metres-long bookcases.

A world of music
The all-new music floor houses the collections of the Royal Conservatoire and the Netherlands Music Institute, together with the library’s own music department. Visitors to the fifth floor therefore have access to one of the largest music collections available to the public in the Netherlands.

Come and see for yourself!
Come and take a peek behind the scenes at the Central Library: we have more to tell you and would love to hear about your experience of international libraries, too.