Half-day Tour 1: NBD Biblion & Public library Zoetermeer

Libraries: NBD Biblion & Public library Zoetermeer

Type of Library: public

Total Distance Return Trip: 80 km

Meeting Point: Ahoy Rotterdam

Price per person: € 15

NBD Biblion & Public library Zoetermeer

We all need development to move forward. That’s why NBD Biblion invests in technology, digitalization, and data. This gives libraries the possibility to offer personalized advice based on local data and topicality. During the experience tour you will take a look behind the scenes. How does NBD Biblion send almost 2 million books to Dutch public libraries and schools (ready to lend)? What innovative single copy machines does NBD Technology Group develop for customers worldwide and are in use for daily production at NBD Biblion? This trip is the best opportunity to watch the unique solutions in production. Further you will experience how artificial intelligence and personalization works. This experience tour takes place in a completely sustainable building.
After lunch, the bus will take you to the Library of Zoetermeer. The Library of Zoetermeer is since 2018 situated in the City Hall – Forum. This multi-leveled modern building was designed to become the center of the city; to give the citizen, small local organizations and the government the chance to work together to help the relatively new and growing town to grow. The library functions as a linking pin between the local organizations, government and the citizens, a concept based on the Community Library. Initiatives from the citizens, such as a meeting point for people who (recently) suffered the loss of a loved one, are sponsored by the local government and a local organization, and facilitated by the library. Even though we are not a community library yet, we’re making progress!