Children in the Netherlands start learning English in primary school. That’s why most Dutch people are sufficiently comfortable speaking English to have a friendly conversation. Certainly in a large and international city like Rotterdam. Still, Dutch people appreciate it when international visitors manage to speak a few words in Dutch. If you want to pronounce the words like Dutch people do, then don’t forget to pronounce the G like a deep guttural growl.

Greetings and thanking

Thank you Dank je wel
Good morning Goedemorgen
Good afternoon Goedemiddag
Hello Hallo
Hi Hoi
Sleep well Welterusten
How are you doing? Hoe gaat het?
Please Alsjeblieft


When having drinks

One beer, please Een biertje, alsjeblieft.
I want bitterballen Een portie bitterballen, alsjeblieft
The bill please Mag ik betalen?
Can I sit here? Mag ik hier zitten?