Day-long Tour 8: Veluwe


Due to an insufficient number, it had been canceled


Culture touches us and inspires us, it opens up the world around us and connects us to one another. Culture is for everyone! Cultura is the cultural center for arts & culture in Ede. The name originates from the word culture, our right to thrive (go beyond our collective experience). Cultura ensures everyone has the opportunity to learn, participate and enjoy art & culture, through, visual stories, education, performances, and our heritage. We are convinced that the offer to become a part of culture is for everyone and this experience makes us richer. Cultura teaches you to look differently at the world. It shows us what is valuable. It contributes to creating a sense of self-worth and identity. Learning, being informed, and experiencing are key to developing culture. Our mission is to make culture a part of everyone’s experience in the city of Ede.

We are looking forward to show your guests how we seek to fulfill our mission


Rozet wants to make personal development possible for all residents of Arnhem and the region Gelderland. For residents with different backgrounds, different ages and different interests. We do this from our core: language, art and heritage.

On about 12,000 square meters, Rozet, conceived as a modern centre for culture, knowledge and education, provides a stage for urban activities, contributes to social and sustainable urban development, and serves as a multifunctional place of learning with opportunities for all kinds of interested learners.

We organise many activities for every age. We help young parents with reading skills to their children and organise art meetings for the elderly. We all do this from our three strategic pillars: reduce low literacy, perspective on work and lifelong learning.