Day-long Tour 6: Western Flanders

Libraries: Public Library The Biekorf and Open Knowledge Center ARhus

Type of Library: public

Total Distance Return Trip: 380 km

Meeting Point: Ahoy Rotterdam

Price per Person: € 25

Please note that a 20-minute walk is required from the bus stop to the library.

Bibliotheek Brugge

Bruges Public library is a vibrant public library as well as a heritage library in a UNESCO world heritage city of 120,000 inhabitants. Our mission is to connect past, present and future with a wide range of collections and services to a wide range of audiences. Pragmatic pioneers at the edge of the Dutch speaking world, discover how we tackle challenges of literacy, cultural participation and technical innovation.

Open Knowledge Center ARhus

ARhus is an open knowledge center in the heart of the city of Roeselare. ARhus aspires to connect, innovate and stimulate lifelong learning and entrepreneurship. We are widely visited by all layers of the population and accepted as a neutral and inclusive meeting ground. ARhus is strongly connected with several important stakeholders in the region, such as the hospital AZ Delta, a whole range of companies and educational partners of course. Partnering up with all of these stakeholders, we provide interesting activities for the people, aiming at different kinds of knowledge: digital and media literacy, health literacy, civic & ethical literacy, reading, learning new languages… Besides the regular activities in ARhus (approx. 400 a year) we also set up larger (and longer) projects such as SIREE (social integration of refugees through education and self employment). Since the openings of ARhus, we’ve reached more and more people every year. Now, approx. 400 000 persons a year visit our knowledge center. Our operations consist of 4 elements: 1. Library, 2. Projects, 3. ARhus Café and 4. Meeting rooms and events.