Day-long Tour 2: Antwerp

Libraries: Permeke Public Library, Library of Social Sciences and Humanities and the Special Collections UAntwerpen, Hendrik Conscience heritage library

Type of Library: public, academic, heritage

Total Distance Return Trip: 200 km

Meeting Point: Ahoy Rotterdam

Price per Person: € 25

Permeke Public Library

Library Permeke is the biggest public library in the heart of the city, close to the central station. The library is situated in the heart of the most divers neighbourhood of this city. It’s 7 days a week open. The library is an open cultural house with a wide programme offered by more then 30 different cultural and social partner. These partners make this place a home for every citizen who lives in this city and beyond. Since September 2022, the library has a separate building on the same premises for young adults to study, hang out, do workshops, performance. The youth board and their partners of this library decides about the content of the collection and activities of this library.

Antwerp University Library

The Antwerp University Library and the Antwerp University Archive form an entity within the University of Antwerp. The University Library is a modern, scientific library that supports the information needs of students and researchers with a broad collection of paper and digital materials. There is a library or learning centre on each of the four campuses, equipped with specific facilities per target group, such as a makerspace and skill labs. The University Library is also a preservation library with a generous range of valuable and historical collections. We possess a diverse collection of print heritage (old prints, books, typescripts, illustrations, modern preciosa) and more than 50 historical manuscripts. The University Library and University Archive have an integrated heritage workflow: management of both library and academic heritage are combined, along with the modern art collection of Art on Campus and the University Archive. The library and archive software Brocade is the basis for all registration, into which metadata is entered according to international standards.

Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library

The Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library is located in Antwerp’s bustling city centre. For over five centuries (starting point 1481), the library has been collecting and preserving Flemish book heritage in a heritage building at a heritage location. At the moment of the IFLA Congress, our enthralling 19th century Nottebohm Room, will host an exhibition that will show how this old library looked like in the 17th century, when the Room was a Jezuit chapel welcoming famous ‘brothers’ under which Van Dyck and Rubens.