Day-long Tour 13: Zutphen


Due to an insufficient number, it had been canceled


De Librije is a public reading room from 1564, founded by two church masters from the Walburgis church in Zutphen, Conrad Slindewater and Herman Berner. The reading room was intended for the entire city, the chapter and the church and had a very diverse selection of books. Because books regularly disappeared, it was soon decided to put the books on the chain, it became a “chain library”. After a period of oblivion, the library was rediscovered at the end of the nineteenth century. Now it is a monument of science and history.

Photo credits to Tim Wengelaar

Public library of Zutphen

A public library in an old cloister church (1280) in the centre of Zutphen. Zutphen is a small town in de east of Holland, but it is a hotspot. An open air museaum of mediaval buildings. It’s a gem. The public library in the Broederen Church is a place of silence, of learning, of meeting and study.