Day-long Tour 11: Best Dutch Library Hoogezand and multifunctional cultural & event organisation Assen


Due to an insufficient number, it had been canceled

DNK (De Nieuwe Kolk)

De Nieuwe Kolk (DNK) is a unique, modern and sustainable cultural complex in the heart of Assen that includes a theatre and cinema in addition to a library. The library in DNK is state-of-the-art and features an ultra-modern JackLab that hosts activities in the field of 3D design, printing, cutting and robotics. Discover a world of your own at DNK!

Bibliotheek Hoogezand

Curious about the best library of the Netherlands in 2022? This is your chance to see it for yourself! Bibliotheek Hoogezand is a medium-sized public library in the rural northern Netherlands that offers all the advantages of a large organisation, but retains a small-town atmosphere. The library cooperates closely with the local authorities and has a large network in the community. Its varied programme includes 21st century skill training, opportunities for learning and education in the social domain and activities for personal development.