Day-long Tour 10: Rijnmond

Libraries: Bibliotheek aanzet (Barendrecht), University Library Erasmus, Boekenberg

Type of Library: public/academic

Total Distance Return Trip: 30 km

Meeting Point: Ahoy Rotterdam

Price per Person: € 15

Bibliotheek aanzet (Barendrecht)

LIFE LONG LEARNING IN THE DIGITAL AGE: rise of the third space?
Join us for a panel discussion about life long learning in the digital age and participate in a design session where library professionals from all over the world and Dutch citizens build the hybrid library of the future. Over the past years, many libraries have evolved as attractive public places: ‘palaces of the people’. Where civilians feel welcome, roam freely and turn knowledge into community activities. In an age of digitalization, it is only natural that libraries start to experiment with digital and hybrid forms of public service. Creating public value for a broad target group, with a growing demand for relevant and dynamic ways to explore library content and collections, meet other locals and find ways to fulfil their potential, through life long learning. Yet, revamping libraries into hybrid and vibrant innovation hubs is not an easy task. The paradigm shift from third place to third space should not be taken lightly.
Join our hybrid panel discussion & design sessions with locals.
During a hybrid panel discussion, the topic life long learning in the digital age will be discussed, with renowned speakers from the academic and library field, but also with local citizens and partners. Dreams, visions and strategies will be shared. But also the challenges we face in times digital transformation. In addition, Bibliotheek AanZet invites IFLA attendees to take part in a design session and help build the hybrid library of the future.

About Bibliotheek AanZet
Bibliotheek AanZet is one of the largest public library organizations in The Netherlands (1/2 million inhabitants, 12 municipalities, 30 branches) and is one of the front runners in the digital transformation of Dutch libraries. They are the first Dutch public library to develop an open digital platform OF/BY/FOR/ALL citizens in their region, which is now available to other public libraries to build upon. They are also one of the driving forces behind a grass roots movement of Dutch libraries called ‘The Third Space’.

University Library Erasmus University Rotterdam

In the library of Erasmus University Rotterdam, the user is central. It is a place where people can meet, where they can work together and where they can study together. The University Library has the ambition to become the university’s content manager: we help researchers and students to create and disseminate knowledge. In this way we contribute to the impact and relevance of Erasmus University. The University Library also houses the Rotterdamsch Leeskabinet. A library with a special heritage collection, current fiction and titles in the field of history, art, philosophy and many other subjects.
During the lunch meeting (lunch provided) the building and our services will be discussed. The visitors are then given a tour of the library. At the adjacent information market there is an opportunity to talk to library staff about the building, policy, and services.

Boekenberg / Bookmountain Tour

De Boekenberg (meaning Bookmountain): a mountain worth to climb! In April 2012 this library opened its doors, after ten years of planning, designing and building. The Bookmountain is designed by Winy Maas (MVRDV) and has a beautiful pointed roof. Direct underneath you will find a mountain of books. Sustainability is a big part of the concept (and also in our program and business operations). What do the visitors think of it? Which role has our library for the local community? During this tour we will tell more about it!