Attention delegates: you’re invited to an evening of strolling across the butterfly paradise of Amazonica, cruising surrounded by sea creatures swimming through a Great Barrier Reef, and wandering between elephants and rhinos, and giraffes— oh deer, did we just give the location away?

IFLA WLIC 2023 is thrilled to announce the Cultural Evening will be hosted at the Diergaarde Blijdorp (the Zoo of Rotterdam). 

The Cultural Evening will be held on Tuesday, 22 August from 18:30 – 22:00, with many activities scheduled throughout the night from DJ and band performances, silent disco, photo booth, food and beverage stations across the zoo, and more!

All the details and practical information regarding WLIC 2023 Cultural Evening can be found on a dedicated webpage. Bring your best jaguar moves, and we’ll see you on this wild evening. 🦁