Barbara Lison

During the Closing Session on 24 August, IFLA President Barbara Lison and Chair of the IFLA Professional Council, Te Paea Paringatai, conferred the following honours and awards:

IFLA Scroll of Appreciation

National Committee of the IFLA World Library and Information Congress 88th IFLA General Conference

Theo Kemperman, Chair and Co-Chairs Lily Knibbeler, Matthijs van Otegem, Klaas Gravesteijn, Henk Snier, Ineke van der Kramer, and Sander van Kempen of the Dutch National Committee received the award.

Alicia Cristina Ocaso Ferreira

For her distinguished contribution to IFLA, developing networks to connect librarians, and as a trainer and mentor to professionals and associations in the Latin American region. Her outstanding efforts to advocate for copyright legislation improvements have enabled libraries to innovate services for their communities and develop as spaces for democratic access to information and opportunities.

Harri Sahavirta

For his distinguished contribution to IFLA in the areas of sustainability and the environment in libraries. His tireless promotion and engagement with members has increased awareness and expanded the development of the international green library movement for the betterment of the profession and society.

IFLA Medal

Janine Schmidt

For distinguished service to IFLA and international librarianship, championing innovative library buildings and design, mentoring authors, and enabling as editor diverse works for IFLA Publications.

IFLA Honorary Fellow

Christine Mackenzie

In recognition of distinguished service to IFLA and the global library field.

IFLA Dynamic Unit and Impact Award

A dynamic Professional Unit has the greatest impact on IFLA’s global work – engaging members, developing strong leadership and identity, delivering high-quality services with a measurable impact, and communicating activities within IFLA and beyond. The Professional Committee launched the Dynamic Unit and Impact Awards (DUIAs) to recognise the Professional Units who have excelled in putting Dynamic Unit goals into practice.

Four DUIAs were awarded this year in the following categories:

  • Quality and Impact of the Work
  • Effective Communication
  • Membership Engagement and Leadership Development
  • Overall Achievement

Dynamic Unit and Impact Award for Quality and Impact of the Work

Library History Special Interest Group

IFLA’s Library History Special Interest Group was recognised for their outstanding contributions and dedication toward advancing awareness of library history.

The award recognises the significant influence and positive outcomes generated by the SIG’s work, research, and initiatives in preserving and promoting library history, particularly around their oral history project. Since 2018 the SIG has been collecting and recording oral histories for persons associated with IFLA’s history. This recognition not only acknowledges the group’s efforts but also emphasises the importance of preserving the heritage and historical significance of IFLA for libraries worldwide.

The Special Interest Group Convenor Annamaria Tammaro received the award on behalf of the Unit. 

Dynamic Unit and Impact Award for Effective Communication

Management and Marketing Section

IFLA’s Management and Marketing Section was recognised for their outstanding ability to convey message, engage with their audience, and effectively promote their committee’s work. Through their communication efforts, they have reached a global audience, including librarians, library managers and other information professionals, helping them understand the role of management and marketing in today’s libraries.

The M&M section has demonstrated their commitment to sharing knowledge, best practices, and innovative ideas with the library community. The Section’s PressReader Award, Management Skill Blog and management events, such as webinars, workshops and their collaborative coaching initiative, have effectively delivered valuable insights and information to professionals in the field.

The Secretary of the Managing and Marketing Section, Jeannie Bail accepted the award on behalf of the Section.

Dynamic Unit and Impact Award for Member Engagement & Leadership Development

Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning Section

The Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning Section (CPDWL) embraces all aspects of professional development and learning in the workplace. This award recognises the section’s dedication to advancing professional development in the library and information field through engagement and leadership development among library professionals worldwide. Their efforts have helped empower individuals to enhance their skills, embrace new challenges, and take on leadership roles within the profession.

Initiatives such as their ongoing collaborative coaching project, podcast and webinar series, and their ever-evolving CPD Guidelines, build strong professional communities and support the next generation of library leaders. The section has launched initiatives that emphasise mentoring, leadership development, and skill improvement, ensuring a holistic approach to professional growth.

Ulrike Lang, Chair of the CPDWL Section accepted the award on behalf of the Section.

Dynamic Unit and Impact Award for Overall Achievement

Environment, Sustainability and Libraries Section (ENSULIB)

ENSULIB is a dynamic community of library professionals and advocates who are committed to integrating sustainability into library practices and raising awareness of environmental issues through library programs and services.

They have been awarded the Dynamic Unit and Impact Award for Overall Achievement, for excellence and outstanding efforts in promoting environmental awareness and sustainability within the library community and beyond.

ENSULIB has demonstrated exceptional commitment to advancing green initiatives, developing eco-consciousness, and championing the integration of sustainable practices within the library worldwide with committee projects such as The IFLA Green Library Award, The Green Library Definition (currently translated into 31 languages) and their Green Library poster for libraries, the Green Library website and checklist and more.

The Chair of ENSULIB, Harri Sahavirta accepted the award on behalf of the Section.

IFLA WLIC Poster Awards

Best IFLA Poster 2023

Open up your digital library!
Jessica Wevers and Ron Hol
The Netherlands

IFLA Poster 2023 – WLIC Viewers’ Choice

Smart Solat @ Raja Tun Uda Library
Nor Chempawan Mat Abu and Mohamad Haniff

Visual Impact

Voices behind words
Jelena Lesaja and Karolina Zlatar Radigovic

Photos of award winners will be available on our Flickr.

Full details on IFLA’s Honours and Awards and IFLA Professional Awards are available on the IFLA website.